Tenuto is a customisable smart vibrator worn around the base of a penis and perineum for a longer, harder, more intense sexual experience.


“Vibration technology has the power to intensify pleasure and stimulate blood flow for both partners, but is barely used in male pleasure products,” says Stephanie Alys, co-founder of MysteryVibe. “We wanted to build a product that would intensify a man’s experience while simultaneously helping a woman to orgasm.


Tenuto gives couples the ability to experience the future of sex.” The small, lightweight, wearable Tenuto uses six separate vibrating motors that can be controlled either on the device or by app. Vibrating motors around the shaft of the penis help to stimulate blood flow while separate motors along the base and the perineum help create more potent orgasms. What’s more, when worn during penetration, the different motors stimulate not only the visible glans of clitoris and hood, but also the internal clitoral organ, as well as labia and vulva.