TLMYRS is an upcoming fetish social web app designed for the exploration of an individual's sex life, retrieving storytelling based on the idea of mystery & imagination.

Work is still in progress...

In the meantime stay tuned with the ‘Tell Me Your Sassy Story Podcast’

(co-produced by TLMYRS and The Sassy Show)


The aim of the podcast is to explore diverse conversations surrounding sexuality and intimacy, through informative and educational interviews with members of the sex-positive community. 



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Tell me yours (TLM YRS) is the best anonymous app to confess, share, and talk about your kinks, stories and, desires.

We are a healthy option and safe environment to bond and interact with a community of early fetish practitioners, a place where you can find someone that shares similar interests as yourself!

We are fighting stigmas through educating people to be more open about sexual activities - and we'd love you to join our mission!

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